Radboud Summer School

Past courses

Biofilms: From Molecular Anatomy to Supramolecular Systems

Brexit: The Legal Process and its Implications for the UK and the EU

Buying Happiness: Introduction to Consumer Behaviour and Media Psychology

Zebrafish as Models in Biomedical Research: Focus on Gene, Brain and Behaviour

Climate Change Mitigation: Options and Policies

Comparative and International Dispute Resolution

Conducting Fieldwork in (Post-)Conflict Environments

Designing and Developing Responsible Organisations

Dutch Culture & Language

Dynamic Business Models

Gender & Diversity: Core Concepts of Society and Science

Inter-Organizational Networks: Managing Success in an Interconnected World

Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience: From Molecule to Behaviour

Leadership and Identity: The Integration of Spirituality in Healthcare, Welfare and Education

Literacy and the Socio-economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa: Theory and Practice

Math and Matlab for Neuroscientists

Migrants, Refugees and Religion: Global and Comparative Perspectives

Molecules, Mice and Math: A Statistical Toolbox for the Lab

Mysticism & Modern Critique

Private International Law within the European Union

Qualitative Methods

Stress & Cognition: From Basic Mechanisms to Psychopathology

22 years of South African Democracy: A Review of HIV, Gender & Sexuality

Nature in a Crowded Country: Biodiversity and Ecology in Semi-Natural Landscapes

Addictive Behaviours, from the Bar to the Brain

Being in an Online World - Towards a New Digital Psychology

Chinese Studies: Chinese Language, Culture, and Intercultural Communication

Citizenship and Migration: Europe’s 21st Century Challenges

Decision Analysis: Theory and Practice

Discover the Netherlands: Field Trips to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen

Equity, Leadership & Transformation in the Global Classroom

Excellence Beyond Borders: Gifted Education in Europe

Excitons in Nanostructures

Governing the Climate? Science, History and Politics of the UNFCCC

How to Become an Excellent Lecturer?

Improving Quality of Preclinical Animal Studies Using the Systematic Review Methodology

Law in the Everyday Lives of Transnational Families: Socio-Legal Perspectives

Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

Planning for Sustainable Accessibility and Smart Mobility

Positive Psychology: The Science behind Flourishing Individuals and Organizations

Psychology of Fashion and Beauty

Quantum in the Summer

Social Media Theory and Data in Journalism and Political Communication

Social Movements and Politics in 21st Century Latin America

The Ins and Outs of Kidneys: From Physiomics to Transplantation

Things to Remember: Materiality, Memory and Identity

The Roma and Sinti and the Holocaust: Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future

The Physics and Engineering of Life