Radboud Summer School

Past courses

Azole Resistance in Aspergillus Fumigatus - from Fungicide to Bedside

Chemometrics: Introduction to Advanced Chemical Data Analysis

Citizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges

Maps in the Brain

Dynamic Business Models

Death and Meaning Making in Europe

Debt & Inequality in the 21st Century


Neurophilosophy: Self, Science and Society

Papyrology and Textual Criticism

Personalised Genomics: The Future is Now

Positive Psychology: the Science Behind Flourishing Individuals and Organizations

Visual Culture: Seeing is Believing / Seeing is Deceiving

Zebrafish as Models in Biomedical Research: Focus on Gene, Brain and Behaviour

Dutch Culture and Language

Gifted Education

Early Programming: How Early Life Shapes Human Development

How to Translate Basic Research into Clinical Applications: Lessons from the Eye

Gender: a Core Concept in Society and Science

Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience: From Molecule to Behaviour

Language Evolves! How Genes and Culture Lead to Homo Linguisticus

Brain Imaging Genetics: Genetics for Imagers

How to Improve the Quality and Translatability of Preclinical Animal Studies

The Bible and Archaeology

Biofilms: From Molecular Anatomy to Supramolecular Systems

How to Become an Excellent Lecturer?

Decision Analysis: Theory & Practice

Math and Matlab for Neuroscientists

Migrants, Refugees and Religion: Global & Comparative Perspectives

Discover the Netherlands: Field Trips to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen

Optics and Lasers

Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism: How to Talk, Think and Make Decisions in Two Languages

Global Challenges in Healthcare: the Dutch Primary Healthcare Perspective

Positive Psychology: the Science Behind Flourishing Individuals and Organizations

Peer Relations and Social Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

Social Media Theory and Data in Journalism and Political Communication

Deutschland und seine Nachbarn: Kollektive Identit├Ąten im Vergleich

Participatory Evaluation in Healthcare: What, Why and How?

Psychology of Fashion and Beauty

Localising Human Rights: The Road to Human Dignity?

Intensive IELTS Programme

Historical Demography: Reconstructing Life Course Dynamics