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STATA PROGRAMMING “a little bit of programming goes an awfully long way..."

Social Network Analysis Using Stata

Microeconometrics Using Stata

Introduction to STATA

Summer School - Modelling Energy Markets using Stata

Econometrics for Program Evaluation: Theory and Practice using STATA

Financial Time Series Analytics with STATA

Scuola Estiva in Statistica per Economia, Scienze Sociali, Epidemiologia Clinica e Sanità Pubblica

Causal Modelling in STATA: The IV – SEM approach

Introduction to Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLSSE) using STATA

Financial Risk Modelling in Stata

Modelling and Forecasting Time Series

Econometrics of Program Evaluation

Mediterranean Stata Summer School

Qualitative Data Analysis Using QDA Miner and Wordstat for Stata