GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

Past courses

Sensitive Questions in Surveys

Mathematical Tools for Social Scientists

Planning and Monitoring Survey Fieldwork: Balancing Survey Errors

Testing Survey Data for Measurement Equivalence across Countries and Time

Sampling, Weighting and Estimation

Testing and Evaluating Survey Questions

Web Survey Instrument Design

Understanding and Modeling Measurement Error in Social Surveys

Item Nonresponse and Multiple Imputation

Questionnaire Design

Design and Implementation of Longitudinal Surveys

Factorial Survey Designs

Introduction to Survey Design

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling Framework: Confirmatory Factor Analysis with Mplus

Introduction to Data Analysis Using R

Introduction to Web Surveys

Mixed-Mode and Mixed-Device Surveys

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Stata

Introduction to Research Data Management

Research Designs and Causal Inference

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Mplus