Helsinki Summer School

Past courses

The Welfare City

Ecology and Management of Urban Green Space

English as a Lingua Franca – a New Language?

Globalisation, Media and the Cosmopolitan Citizen

Environmental Ethics in a Global Context

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Nations and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

Museums and Memorial Sites: Displaying and remembering minorities

Games and History

Heavy Metal Music in Contemporary History and Society

Gender, Culture and Politics

Cognitive Neuroscience

Intercultural Communication and Multilingualism

Developing Intercultural Awareness of Selfness and Otherness

Understanding Finnish Education: From Myths to Realities

Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes

Introduction to Bioethics

Co-operative Enterprise Law

Science Fiction in Literature and Culture

Challenges of Democratic Development in Eastern Europe

Intensive Finnish

Environmental Impacts of Catchment from Headwaters to the Sea